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#BiteSizers and #babyguybox August Photo Contest

We're elated to be included in @TheBabyGuyNYC's #babyguybox Toddler Edition for August 2015.

It's exciting to read everyone's reactions to the surprise contents of this month's Baby Guy Box: Toddler Box. Now that they're arriving we can tell you that every Toddler Box comes with a pair of BiteSizers Portable Food Scissors in it. That means more than 1,000 parents are going to be discovering just how quickly they can cut food down to the right bite size for their kids (or themselves!). (If you didn't get one, make sure to watch his Facebook page for the announcement for when September's goes on sale!)

So many people with new BiteSizers, what are we going to do??? 
We're going to run a photo contest!

If you win, you'll get a $50 Amazon Gift Card for yourself, and three of your friends will receive a free pair of BiteSizers to try for themselves.

The contest runs from now until August 31st, 2015 at midnight.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not need to own a pair of BiteSizers to enter. You do not need to have purchased a Baby Guy Box. You just need to have some food that needs to be cut into bite sized chunks for feeding to child or other individual that would appreciate an easier way to cut food on the go.

How to enter?

Just take a picture of what you're cutting up. Ideally, you're using BiteSizers to do it and showing the world how fast and easy they make it to share your real food.

Then post it to Instagram or Facebook (remember to make it public!) with the tags: #babyguybox, #BiteSizers, and #mixedpears. Then tag three of your friends on your post.

After the contest ends we will pick the winner to receive the gift cards… and their friends who will all receive BiteSizers!

For more details on BiteSizers and the Contest check out this video:


Enter Here: #BiteSizers in #BabyGuyBox #toddlerbox August Contest

Official Contest Rules

Video Transcript:

If you’re one of the lucky ones that snagged a BabyGuyBox Toddler box and a pair of BiteSizers, Congratulations!
If not we made this video to let everyone know the most important things about BiteSizers.
And to tell you about a contest you can win.
So, what are BiteSizers?
BiteSizers are Certified Food-Safe portable food scissors. They make cutting up food lightening fast.
They come with a Snap-On Cap and a Sizer Guide.
They’re designed to fit both Mom’s and Dad’s hands. And have rounded tips.
That’s important, because BiteSizers are designed to use upright.
Because this way you can hold and cut with only one hand. And what parent ever has two hands free?
Are they really that great? Everyone who tries them, loves them. Give them a try, you’ll see.
Ready to get cutting? Great. Grab a camera. Because we're having a contest.
It’s simple: Take a picture of what food your cutting up, post it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #Babyguybox, #bitesizers, and #mixedpears. And don’t forget to tag your friends.
If you win, we’ll send *you* a $50 Amazon Gift Card and we’ll send three of the friends you tag BiteSizers to try for themselves!
Any questions, or need a pair of BiteSizers head on over to www.mixedpears.com 
Time to get cutting. Good Luck!

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