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Frequently Asked Questions about BiteSizers


Why is Certified Food Safe important when it comes to Food Scissors? 

Food scissors must be safe to use on food. Seems simple, right? Unfortunately, it's not.
  1. Food scissors should use only materials that are safe for contact with food. They should be manufactured in ways that ensure they are clean and continue to be safe to use with food. And they should be designed with food contact in mind.
  2. Not all stainless steels are safe for contact with food. And even if the grade of stainless steel used is correct, it is still possible to introduce unhealthy contaminants during manufacturing.
  3. Not all scissors marketed as food scissors were designed to be used on food: Many scissors on the market were never designed or intended for use with food, like stationery scissors. They are cheaper for a reason: because they don’t take food safety into account.
  4. It isn’t enough to just make all the right choices in materials, design, and manufacturing. With so many ways for factories to cut corners and introduce hidden hazards, 3rd party testing and certification are crucial to ensuring the final product being used in your home is safe.

There are lots of quick and dirty ways to make a pair of scissors. And that’s fine if you’re cutting sheet metal or even paper. But for cutting food, particularly your child’s food, it’s important that food safety is the first criteria.

What is the NSF Home Products Certification?

For BiteSizers we sought out the highest level of third-party testing we could find. The NSF International’s Home Product Certification testing requires more than 40 tests by independent laboratories. Their protocols test materials (for example: making sure there's no carcinogenic hexavalent chromium present), test mechanics (for example: making sure they can withstand a drop of 6 feet), and even make sure that everything written on the package is accurate. For more than 70 years NSF International have been the most trusted name in public health and safety standards, particularly when it comes to the sanitation of commercial kitchens and kitchen equipment. They also helped to establish the first international sanitation standards and continue to be a leader in developing new standards based on the latest science.

What size hands will they fit? I have big/little fingers, can I use them?

BiteSizers have been “sized” to fit a broad range of hand and finger sizes, for both men and women. We’ve tested them with hands that range from ultra-dainty to super-burly and many people say they are some of the most comfortable scissors they have used.

BiteSizers truly shine when you use them to cut and hold food at the same time - one-handed! Hold them vertically and cut with the rounded tips pointed down. Index and middle finger in one hole and thumb in the other. All pointed downwards, directly on the plate or in the bowl. This pincer action keeps the food from running away while you are cutting.

BiteSizers Upright Grip - design to hold & cut at the same time one-handed. The pincer motion holds the food in place while the blades cut.

Can I use them on Raw Food?

Please do not use BiteSizers to cut raw meat or eggs. They will cut just fine, however if scissors come in contact with raw meat or eggs they should be sanitized immediately with a thorough hand-washing in anti-bacterial soap (we don't usually advise using this, but now would be a good time). Never cut raw food and then cut cooked food to be consumed without washing thoroughly.

If you wish to use them on raw foods that should be cooked before eating, we highly recommend getting another pair in a specific color and reserving it for only raw foods, much like a dedicated cutting board.

Can I cut things other than food?

You are welcome to cut anything you like. (We have folks that swear by them for gardening.) But it’s kind of a one way trip and we don’t recommend using them for cutting food again afterwards. Despite being sharp enough to cut fabric, you’ll end up with all kinds of fuzz in the blades - which certainly doesn’t taste good. Also cutting paper is one of the fastest ways to dull a good pair of scissors so we don't recommend that either.

Are they for kids to use? Can I let my children cut their own food with these scissors?

Official Lawyerly Answer: BiteSizers are not intended for children to use. These are very sharp tools. Keep them away from children at all times and put the cap on when not in use.

Actual Parent's Answer: For kids that have demonstrated scissors skills cutting paper food scissors should not be an issue. Kids love getting involved in the kitchen and parents tell us that they feel more comfortable letting their children use food scissors than a knife.


When should I clean them after use?

Wipe down immediately after use for longest life. Keep them clean and dry and they will serve you well for a long time.

How should my BiteSizers be cleaned?

At Home: Hand wash before first use and after every use with hot water and dish soap. Always dry blades thoroughly before replacing cap and storing.

On-The-Go: Carefully wipe clean with a damp cloth, napkin, or wet wipe. Wash normally at home.

Do the blades come apart?

The blades are permanently fixed together with a stainless steel rivet. This results in better, smoother scissoring action. Under the Sizer Guide the two blades are actually held under tension by a spring washer to ensure that they maintain the correct tension between the blades over time.

Real Parent Quote: "I could see my son using the undone scissors in a sword fight.”- Liz (Mom of 1)

Are BiteSizers dishwasher-safe?

Handwashing does the most thorough job of cleaning crusted on food because your hands can tell how clean they are. BiteSizers are not intended for dishwasher use. Also, please remember to always dry the scissors completely after washing. In general, it is not recommended to wash knives and scissors in the dishwasher because they may cut into the protective covering of the dishwasher baskets which could reduce the life of your dishwasher. If you must though, make sure to open the blades and wash them in the top rack.

Any other tips on caring for BiteSizers?

We do not recommend soaking or submerging them completely in water. A brief dip if there is some crusty stuff on the blades is fine, but these don't need to be soaked like a dirty pan. This will help them last as long as possible.

Do they need to be lubricated?

There should be no need to ever lubricate your BiteSizers, provided you keep them clean. Should the blades begin to stick, soak the blades only in a diluted vinegar solution (<3%) for an afternoon and give them a thorough washing. If they are still sticking, a drop of olive oil might do the trick, but they really shouldn’t need it.

Can I boil them? Steam sanitize them?

We do not recommend doing this. Hand washing is enough to get them clean. However, if you feel the need to occasionally, we have reliable reports that BiteSizers will emerge unscathed.


Seriously, just don’t put metal in the microwave.


Steel wool will scratch off the natural passivation layer that protects stainless steel from corrosion. Scrubbing with steel wool will damage your scissors and will void any guarantee to their performance.


Will they fit in my purse/bag/drawer?

Yes. They’ll probably even fit in your clutch. If you had one. But if you’re eating out with kids, chances are you’re not carrying a clutch tonight. Diaper bags? Definitely. Backpacks? Certainly. Kitchen drawers? Indubitably. BiteSizers are 6 inches from end to end with the cap on.

Are they airplane legal? Can I take them on a plane?

YES! BiteSizers are TSA-Friendly. The TSA allows scissors with blades less than 4" to be taken onto planes in your carry on. More information is available here: TSA Prohibited Items List

Please note: Before you feed your young one airplane food, keep in mind that you loose 30% of your ability to taste sweet and salty in the dry, low-pressure airplane air and in order to compensate airlines have to add a lot more salt and sugar. For more information on how recipes are adapted for airline travel, the BBC covers it well.

I lost the cap! Is there anything you can do?

Absolutely! We're parents too. Stuff happens. Just send us an e-mail via our Contact Us page and let us know what color cap you need and your mailing address. We'll send a new one out right away. For FREE. Automatically. Easy. (Hint: If you want to say thanks, you can tell us a story about using your BiteSizers. That's always nice to hear.)

Help! I have a different question!

That's what our Contact Us page is for! Promise! We'll reply quickly and get you sorted right out.

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