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Portable Food Scissors

BiteSizers are certified food-safe, portable food scissors. They make sharing family meals with young eaters fast and easy.

Unique Features

The Built-In Sizer Guide is always there to show just how small the ½″ recommended by the AAP actually is.[1] The Snap-On Cap keeps the blades closed and clean in your bag.
We also round the tips and non-blade edges for comfort and safety. Even better, the finger holes are 90% the size of full-sized kitchen scissors making them comfortable for both Moms AND Dads! All in a compact package ready to use anywhere.
Unique Features
Upright Grip = Cuts One-Handed

Upright Grip = Cuts One-Handed

As a parent you never have enough hands. BiteSizers work great one-handed for those times when the other is holding a hungry, screaming kid. You can even cut straight into their bowl or plate.
TSA-Friendly & Sized To Go

TSA-Friendly & Sized To Go

All the strength and durability of the toughest kitchen shears in a package that goes with your family everywhere. With BiteSizers in your diaper bag, purse, or backpack you're always prepared – and they're even TSA-Friendly (less than 4" blades). [2]

What do other parents say?

★★★★★ 1st time parents this is a must have!!
– Rebecca Lopez

“Must have for 1st time parents! I love these scissors! I take them where ever I go even family gatherings so my daughter can taste all of our family recipes! So quick and easy to use!”

★★★★★ Great gift for friends with babies.
– K. Cheng

“I bought a pair of these for a friend after hearing that food scissors for kids are becoming popular. I picked these because they're high quality and well-designed. My friend says they're great at mealtime and save her time. A much more practical gift than another onesie!”

★★★★★ Where were these!?
– Sweety

“I wish I’d just given them table food from the beginning…where were these!?”

★★★★★ Awesome product. Highly recommended!
– Lynn

“If your baby is growing into a toddler and beginning to eat regular food as opposed to just drinking milk, then I definitely recommended getting a pair of these scissors for cutting your toddler's food!”

★★★★★ Makes cutting up your toddler's food lightning fast!
– Lili Fox

“I laughed at my friend a month ago who brings a fancy pair of Japanese scissors with her to restaurants to cut up her daughter's food. But I tried it out and they were amazing – so easy and fast to cut up food for one's toddler! She carried her scissors in a baggie. Laughter ensued again. But I got to thinking and wanted to get a pair for my own use. These are perfect! So sharp, easy to clean, love the cover too (wipe your scissors with a napkin before covering, and then wash it when you get home – easy peasy.)”

★★★★★ It Works!
– Chan

“It is compact, easy to clean and carry. We use baby wipes to wipe it clean after use when we eat out and clean with soap when we get home. Before getting this pair of scissors, we were using knives and forks provided by restaurants but they are just not as fast and efficient to cut food into small pieces. A must for toddlers who do not have all their teeth!!”

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