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We enjoy good food and love eating with family and friends.

As a mixed couple, we make eating together a priority when raising our two boys, despite the very real challenges. Sharing a meal provides unmatched family bonding experience and spreads cultural and food knowledge. We believe that healthy, lifelong eating habits can come from experiencing a variety of real food from a young age. And that mealtimes are the best opportunity to learn to appreciate others and how to build relationships.

Our extended families are split between continents and spread around the world. In our travels we’ve seen that every family faces the chaos of mealtime with children differently. Each culture has their own solutions. Mixed Pears combines new thinking from next door and old ideas from elsewhere, adding our own unique twists, to help make mealtime easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Join us so we can all concentrate on the most important ingredients of all: the people in our lives.

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